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Dr. Aamna khalid

dr. aamna Khalid

Trainer, Consultant & Educationist
Founder & CEO, Avant Visionaire
Faculty, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)

Dr. Aamna Khalid is a powerhouse in the field of education and training, with an unwavering commitment to shaping the minds of the next generation. 

With her extensive experience and expertise in communication, persuasion, leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, and public speaking, Dr. Khalid is a sought-after trainer for education, corporate, governmental, and development sectors.

Dr. Khalid is a true visionary, committed to the capacity building of professionals and non-professionals alike. She is widely recognized for her trainings in essential & interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, diversity & inclusion, logical decision-making, power dynamics, team collaboration, strategic advocacy, and storytelling to name a few.

Dr. Aamna Khalid has assisted over 5000 professionals develop a charismatic professional persona that exudes confidence and credibility and craft themselves into a credible professional brand setting themselves apart from the crowd.

She is known for creating a supportive learning environment where trainees feel valued and engaged. Her result-oriented trainings are tailored to meet the needs of each learner, and she has devised her own unique training techniques, materials, and assessment protocols to maximize the impact of her work. 

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Dr. Aamna Khalid began her career as a teacher trainer and to this date her passion is developing innovative teaching and training strategies that produce instant results. She has trained hundreds of teachers, from basic skills to advanced techniques, and has developed a variety of programs and resources for solving common and complex issues in the teaching-learning process.

As a faculty member at LUMS, Dr. Khalid teaches critical thinking, argumentation, academic writing, and professional communication for undergraduate, MBA, and MPhil programs. With an MA in ELT from Pakistan, a Master’s in ELT Management from the University of Surrey, UK, and a PhD in Education, Leadership & Management from Washington University, USA, Dr. Khalid has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon in every teaching & training context. In addition to her academic achievements, she has earned over 20 executive & professional certifications from renowned institutions such as Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan, and Stanford, USA and many more.

Most recently, Dr. Khalid has mentored countless aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to secure funding for their start-ups. To this effect she has offered trainings & individualized workshops to help them pitch their ventures to prospective investors in a dynamic & memorable manner.

Dr. Khalid’s impact on education and professional development in Pakistan cannot be overstated. Since 1999 she has continued to inspire and empower people with her unwavering commitment to excellence. Through her dedication and tireless efforts, Dr. Aamna Khalid continues to change lives and make a positive impact on the world.


Our Vision

from vision to actuality

Our vision is to ignite a spark of inspiration in individuals and organizations, fueling their journey towards unlocking their full potential. 

We believe that everyone has unique talents and strengths waiting to be unleashed, and we are committed to providing the tools and resources necessary to help them shine. Our customized and outcome-driven training programs, mentorship, and consulting services are designed to create a path towards excellence, innovation, and growth.

At our core, we believe that education and training should be accessible and applicable to everyone. That’s why we’re dedicated to breaking down barriers and making our services available to all who seek to improve themselves and their organizations. 

Our cutting-edge expertise and innovative teaching methods aim to equip our clients with the competencies, insights, and strategies required to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the 21st century.

We envision a world where individuals and organizations are empowered to create their own success stories, and we are committed to playing a vital role in making that vision a reality. By setting new standards of excellence in education and training, we strive to make a positive impact on society and help our clients achieve their dreams.


At Avant Visionaire, we are committed to being an innovative, forward-thinking, and creative organization that is focused on achieving specific goals.

Our French-inspired name embodies our mission to lead the way in cutting-edge thinking and visionary leadership.

We believe that the key to success lies in anticipating and shaping the future, and that is why we strive to be at the forefront of change in every aspect of our work. We are passionate about using our expertise to help our clients navigate complex challenges, optimize their performance, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our vision is to be recognized as a global leader in training, consulting and talent management, known for our innovative solutions, forward-thinking strategies, and commitment to excellence.

We aspire to be a driving force behind positive change, transforming the way organizations operate and helping individuals achieve their full potential.

With a focus on creativity, strategic thinking, and goal-oriented solutions, Avant Visionaire is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Join us on our journey towards a brighter future, where vision transforms into actuality!

our team

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible team of experts at our consulting program.

Our team is not just a group of individuals working in silos, but a closely-knit unit that collaborates and supports each other to achieve common goals. They foster a positive and supportive work environment where creativity and critical thinking are encouraged, leading to groundbreaking solutions. With a reputation as industry leaders, our team consistently exceeds clients’ expectations and drives positive change. Their dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional results are unmatched, and their passion for what they do shines through in every project they undertake.

Meet Our Team


Mian M. Hashim Masood


Business Development, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Negotiations & Networking


Mr. Usaf Shariq


Media Producer, Marketing Strategist, Filmmaker


Ms. Aleena Iqtidar


Integrated Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur


Ms. Aeyesha Gulzar


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Ms. Aymen Abdullah


HR, Talent Management


Mr. Faizan Ahab


Teacher Trainer


Mr. Hashim Kaleem


Teacher Trainer, Educationist, Monitoring & Evaluation Strategist

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